4 year PSA

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My PSA after 4 years of RT was 1.3.  My nadir after 2 years was 0. I'm 80 years old now so I'm asking is that normal.  The last reading was 1.7 and 3 months ago and this last reading done a mone ago was 1.3.  I have appointment with Urology specialists this week and was wondering what to expect. 

I am not on any ADT treatment. I was taken off of Fermagon 2 years ago.  They did two prostate exams and prostate is normal but the Urologist will probably want to do more testing.

I'm still feeling ok but now am concerned about them saying rougue cells.  the biopsy done back in Oct 4th 2016 showed bot in both lobes most of the samples taken were positive so they charactized it as agressive then. 

I took 44 Rad teatments which ended in Jan of 2017 so here I am today and so far all I have is neuropathy in both legs probably from limph node damage during radiation treatment. 

So if anyone has any knowledge about where I stand I would appreciatel it.


JJ   thanks