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Diagnosed with prostate cancer

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I am a 54 yr old whom was diagnosed with PC on November 3,2020. With a GS OF 3+3 and 3+7 8 out of 12 . this all started with my psa level 4.7 back in October 2019. My  Uriology told me I had and infection (UTI) prescribed me medication, retested psa was normal . But I remember having some leakage after urinating. So fast foward to September 2020 i went for a physical and it was discovered I had PC . I belive I've had pc since October 2019 and my urology did not pick it up.

so I'm in the beginning stages of the investigation. Meeting up with a team of MD to start the investigation and imaging.I don't know what to expet. 
this is all new to me as I educate myself. And it can get confusing.ANY ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED... 

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Hi Rong,


The Gleason score of 3+7 is confusing.  Are you shure it should not be 3+4=7?  If it is 3+7 you have some agressive cancer, if it's 3+4 thats still on the mildly agressive side. I will give you some basic info I gave Jay Last week.

The treatment plan to choose is the best one for your chance of being cancer free.  The 3+4 is on the slightly agressive side(more than a 3+3).  With that being said you need to study the two basic forms of treatment most people choose which is some  form of radiation or surgery.  The American Cancer Society has some good basic info on all of the types currently being offered.  Each different treatment offers it own unique side effects and benefits.  The only other way is with Active Surveliance which means monitoring the cancer growth via biopsy every so often but at 3+4 if it was me I would not go that route. With my cancer I wanted to know where in the prostate my cancer was ie; deep inside or right at the edge of the gland which gave me an idea on how fast I needed to move.  The choice is between you, your doctor(s) and family based on the diaganostic tests done so far.  Great doctors + great facilities = great results.  I have included some links to get you started.




Dave 3+4

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yes it's 3+4=7 thank you!

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