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Lupron shots and arousal

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Can a man with Prostate Cancer receiving Lupron shots get aroused? My husband the past few days has been I'm not sure if ejaculating, or leaking the past few days. He says it sticks to him. Is it semen? Is he aroused? I mean, we haven't done anything sexual, unless he's watching it at night when I'm asleep. His doctor did a urine sample, but it hasn't come back yet. I am curious and worried it isn't something else.

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Can you remind us what treatment he has had?

If he has had RP then the only leakage could be urine or emission from the Cowper's gland which produced a fluid that was part of ejaculate. Not sure if you can still ejaculate after primary RT (I should know better by now!)

At this stage, worry won't help. What will help is talking and listening to him but I know you said he was playing push / pull. Are things better on that front?

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Thanks for your response and your concern. He's on radiation for Stage 4 prostate cancer . He's gotten in his shoulders, and now working on his right femur, and then I'm guessing his prostate. Hes' had 2 Lupron shots, and been on Hydrocodone for pain. Right now, his pain has subsided enough for him to drop the Hydrocodone. He's eating a little better. And to answer your question, is still pulling the pull/push bit. So much so that I am just finding out procedural information about his treatment ( the no clothes/half naked during treatment bit), which was very disturbing for me to hear, and it came out during an argument. Also found out about this ejaculation thing while we were both in front of the doctor, he wouldn't tell me ahead of time.That's among other things like possibly talking to "others" (women) while he thinks I'm in the other room asleep. I asked him about it and he denied it 3 minutes after it happened, even though I heard it clear as day. Since then it has either stopped or he's gotten more careful about it. Anyway, other than that things are just peachy between arguments (that's new too).I appreciate your kindness.

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after  rariation and firmgon cancer is  cured but testoteron low 28 can u take testioterone supplementation to raise without bringing back cancer?

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I'm sorry about what you and your husband are going through.  My husband had Lupron therapy over 6 years ago and the effects of that treatment are still present.  He has hot flashes, can't sleep, weight gain, and no sex drive whatsoever.  He is in his mid 60's, so perhaps that is why on that front he is not responding.  At the beginning of the therapies he didn't want me to tell anyone but he did talk to his colleagues at work which really upset me because I needed to talk to someone about what was happening to him...anyway it was all very hard to deal with.  6 years later our life has change so much and not for the good.  I would advise you to get some therapy to help prepare you for the changes coming.  He should also get therapy because the changes to his body will change him and he will need to deal with it all.   I know it sounds selfish of me to tell you these things but the truth is that you will need to take care of your self and you will need help for yourself.  

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Hi Birdlover,


Sorry to hear about what's going with you and you husband.  Since the purpose of ADT is to lower a man's testosterone so as not to fuel cancer cells, most men experience at least some negative side effects as you describe.  Hopefully, your husband is being followed closely by his Medicial Oncologist or Urologist (or both) with regular checkups and PSA / testosterone tests.  Some men recover more quickly than others but it sounds as thought your husband is on the other end of the spectrum.  If your husband is presently cancer free or in remission, he could talk to his docs about his testosterone levels and see if adding testosterone would be appropriate for him.  Sometimes adding testosterone is ok and in other circumstances it is not.

Without testosterone, most men find it a challenge in many areas to just cope with daily tasks and feeling like themselves.

The very best to both of you!

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