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Wine,,I guess it’s a No No

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Hi All

I haven't had a glass of wine since Aug/Sept. I've been reading some articles say it may hinder any necessary treatment. Other articles say otherwise. So a glass of wine should not be consumed correct?

Thank You


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The first time I ever met the hematologist, prior to starting chemotherapy, she absolutely forbade smoking - but did not do so for drinking wine.

Truth be told, while on chemotherapy I really did not feel like drinking anything but water at all - so I just didn't. I did not have a drop of wine for a long while after treatment was over, either; about a year, as I remember it.

The reason why, I think, is that treatment is already pretty hard on your liver - which is why they routinely keep an eye on your liver function in the bloodwork... and also one of the reasons why chemotherapy can make you feel so crappy.

Just a little anecdote here to illustrate what I mean: about four months out of my last round of R-CHOP, my PCP prescribed a week of a well-known anti-inflammatory for back pain. My next blood draw showed transaminase levels five times normal, which did get my hematologist worried... The levels came back down gradually to normal over the course of a couple of months.

So, while my liver had managed the chemo pretty well, it had taken all its might so that it was overwhelmed by that additional stress months later.

Others may tell you that they kept on drinking beer or wine throughout the whole process, and that they were just fine. In the end, it is your body that dictates what it can and cannot take. Listen to what it says!

I hope this answers your question.


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PBL Thank you for all the information. Makes a lot of sense.  I certainly don't want my liver going wacky. 
Be well 


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Alcohol of any variety is best avoided during chemo.   Many chemo drugs do mess up liver enzymes (ALT, AST), and alcohol is never 'good' for the liver.   I never had a drop during treatment, but otherwise drink a fair amount of beer.

Trivia note:   Rarely, but at times, some forms of Hodgkin's will cause a 'burning' sensation throughout the body when consumed;  I have experienced this many times.    It is a known, but uncommon, reaction.    I have never heard of this feeling occuring with NHLs, but suppose it is possible.

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gHoping you are well. I am not but going deer hunting this week anyway! I would never advise anyone to drink alcohol while being treated for lymphoma. How-some-ever if they choose to do so I recommend scotch, rye, sapphire martini or of course triple IPA. I actually tested it during my last chemo and found liver enzymes completely unchanged in weeks when I abstained from weeks in which I imbibed. Not a scientific approach but non the less a fact. But of course I drank in moderation - an occasional drink, not every day.

For others I can't say but for me if I want a glass of wine I would have it. But only one.

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