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Good Morning wishing everyone a happy tuesday...


I will be having my EGD and colonoscopy next week. Anyone dx , just on a random finding because of the scope and not due to symptoms?


If so, what stage?



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Yes I was. I was terribly sick but with no GI symptoms. Ended up in the hospital where they threw the book at me in tests. I was anemic among other things and found occult blood in my stool (not visible to naked eye). I had a colonoscopy which discovered the tumor. About a month or more later I had surgery to remove that whole section of colon and appendix. Ended up doing an anastomosis so I didn't need a bag. My initial EGD showed thickening of the esophagus. I have recently had a follow up EGD/Colonoscopy and both were clear. Just need to keep an eye on a spot on my liver now. Good luck!! 

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Well that wasn't my case because there was blood in the stool, but they call colo/rectal cancer the silent cancer because a lot of times there aren't any symptoms.  However, most of it is slow growing and they told me that mine was growing about 5-7 years before symptoms showed up.  It is very treatable if caught early. 


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