heart failure and inconinence

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I'm not sure if I posted this question on this site or not.  I belong to several incontinece sites, and sometimes forgot what I have posted where.  My question relates to incontinence and heart disease.  I had a total prostatectomy/bladder diverticulotomy almost 3 1/2 years ago.   I struggled with some incontinence issues prior to my surgery, and it continues to the point where I wear a diaper most of the time.  About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with several different heart problems.  I have had numerous tests involving arterys, lungs, electrophysiology, etc.  I take a bunch of meds, and now have a pacemaker.  One of the recommendations is to drink 4 liters of water per day.  That's a lot of water!  As you can imagine, that is not a good combination with incontinence.  I have read that over 50% of heart failure patients have incontinence issues.  I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences, and/or know anything about incontinece with heart failure.  


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    Four litres is a lot

    Hi there,

    I have had a radical prostatectomy plus radiation and although I have recovered from the incontinence I find that my bladder is a little smaller or less flexible than before the experience.
    I find that if I have a couple of big coffees and head out for a shopping trip then I need to find a loo after an hour or so.
    I know that I drink about two litres a day; tomato juice, several large coffees plus a couple of small beers and you have to add in water in food which can be quite high depending on what you eat, even quite dry looking food like bread will have about 40% water in it by weight.
    Recently I did a 24 hour urine collection and I had just over two litres to hand in.
    Four litres is a lot to swallow, in old money it is seven pints, I would have done that easily down the pub in beer in my salad days but facing that amount of water in the kitchen is a different matter.
    When I was having radiation I used to drink a couple of litres of water before going and I found that adding some sugar free fruit syrup helped it go down.

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