Folfox failed is folfiri the right move next ? and one more thing

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                Folfox did little for my dad's rectal cancer new doctor wants to add folfiri with targerted radiation is that the right move ? I know both are alot alike and I didn't get to ask the doc cause of covid rules so looking for opinions on it thanks . 

               Also the next onc told my dad there was he couldn't be cured now I wasn't in there as I said covid rules so I didn't get to ask doc to explain . My dad is freaking out thinks it means there is no hope. I take it as there is no cure for cancer in general but I don't think the doc is saying my dad will never be NED . Curious what people's experiences have been about what it means when a onc says no cure . 


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    It's very hard to tell what will work and what won't.  Mine was Folfox with radiation and the radiation alone shrunk my tumor to the size of a ball point pen, so radiation can be very helpful.  Hope your dad gets some good results with this new treatment and there is always hope.  Sounds like he still has options.  Wishing your dad well.


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    Take A Look At This Link

    I thought I may have mentioned the above to you before (not sure, I checked to see if I wrote to you before, but could not find it), so posting the link.

    In terms of speaking with the doctor, get them to call you/telehealh if you have questions.  With your Dad's permission you should be able to do that.  No reason to get shut out if your Dad permits it.  As to the treatment, there are many options out there, with certain things that are standard couse of treatments based on the patient and cancer.  I had CRC (not rectal) which is diffrent that rectal in some courses.

    Get second opinions and genetic testing.

    Tell your Dad not to give up hope.  The 5 year survival rate for me was 10%.  I am about to start my 6th year since this started.  3 years since my cancer came back everywhere, inoperable and not curable.  As of now, but every day something else may happen :)

    More details on my situation