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I haven't posted anything on here for months. I forgot what this website was called.  I kept trying to remember and find it.  I was searching for something  about treatment and found it again.  It's been a journey for me this year.  After 6 rounds of carbo/taxol,  I am starting on immunotherapy  with Nivolumab.  I had first infusion two weeks ago. The day of infusion I felt great.  i have autoimmune psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and within two days it flared. My oncologist prescribed 10 mg of prednisone a day but it did nothing.   I saw dermatologist and she prescribed a form and cream for skin, which is helping.  Oncologist has referred me to pain clinic and has me on codeine #3 until I can see pain specialist.  I now have frozen shoulder, numbness and pain in fingers on one hand.  The numbness and pain in my fingers and shoulder is not something I experienced with psoriatic arthritis.  I'm pretty sure this is side affects from immunotherapy.  Codeine relieves most of the pain but even with it, my shoulder pain is level 4.  I really want this immunotherapy to work and not have to go back on chemo but I don't want daily pain.Doctor says lung cancer is stage 4 and chemo helped a lot, but still have a mass on right upper lobe and left upper lobe.  He feels the immunotherapy will work.  We talked about immunotherapy and people with autoimmune disease. Nivolumab is known to cause autoimmune disease to flare.  My doctor assured me he is aware and will be on top of any side affects.  Hoping no new side affects pop up after infusion tomorrow.

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