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What to do

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I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2014. I had the robotic surgery and PSA continued to creep upward. I then had the Radiation treatment in 2016. Have had a PSA test every 6 months since then. Each time, it climbs at least .1%. I was told to move test to every 3 months and PSA climbed .3%. At this time it is .9. My Radiologist  has discussed possible Hormone Therapy if it continues to climb. I am 60 years old and in very good shape. What can I expect from this or is there another option?

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Welcome to the board. 

In sequential treatments due to recurrences, usually after surgery one does radiation and after that it is hormonal (ADT). This is what your doctor is recommending, however, if the situation permits, there is the possibility in aiming  another sequential with the intent of cure named Oligometastatic Treatment. This can be done before starting ADT without prejudice to the efectiveness of that treatment because ADT is paliative and can be started at any level of the PSA.

Please read these links on the issue;






To certify if one's case is proper for such oligometastatic treatment one needs to identify and locate the metastases as these must lie at appropriated places (PET scan with PSMA isotopes), in areas that were not previously radiated. Body tissues have a limit on absorbed radiation which restricts the rads intensity.

Your PSA is still low so I recommend you to read about the matter and check on possibilities with your doctor.

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