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This is just to make you laugh

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Donna Faye
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My lymphedema in my right leg began to swell about a month ago. Because it swells all the way to the top of my leg, my PT has been wrapping the leg and I leave it for 48 hours. It has begun to get much better but he says I need support hose. We tried the knee highs but that made the thigh worse; we tried the thigh high but it rolled down at the top and made it worse! SO! We ordered support panty hose! Well, I forgot to mention that incontinence is my companion these days and I need to change every couple of hours!!! So, how in the hech can I do that and wear support hose that require help to get on???????  Well, I tried cutting and taping Depend- even Gorilla tape won't hold the sides once cut. I tried the diaper ones but they were too huge!!! What is a girl to do?  Well, I did some research and did you know there is a company that uses NASA technology in their pull up underwear! It is guaranteed to hold for 8 hours! I ordered a pak as PT said 8 hours a day would be good wearing the hose. Ladies, they do not lie! They do hold for 8 hours and it is not uncomfrotable. So, another tip of my hat to NASA! They have solved my problem!!!   Hope this made you chuckle! 

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Does it abdorb urine?  It is more wondrous story than funny.    I guess in space they have the same problem.  They cannot have urine floting around with no gravity.  It is a great story.  Thanks for sharing.

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Donna, you are amazing.  Such spirit you have!

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Our friend Drew Morgan just returned from the space station a few months ago, and to hear his description of the bathroom up there is hilarious.  I applaud you for finding a solution to that dilemma, DF!  I was going to suggest cutting a slit in the panty part and having "crotchless pantyhose!"

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Lol. Did that.i cut out the crotch because I didn't want to struggle getting them off fast enough and I like my cotton boy shorts so I wear them over the compression hose. Necessity is the mother if invention. 

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Thank you!

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You are the bomb my dear!  

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You are an expert at making lemonade.  

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