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Penile atrophy due to Androgen Deprivation Therapy

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Hello Friends, I am 52-year-old man. I was put in ADT for 1.5 years. During that period, I was not sexually active. Now I am five months off the ADT and my testosterone level has returned. However, I have noticed that my penis is 1.5” shorter. I was wondering if it will grow back to it's original size. Can Penis extender along with Vaccume erection device help me in regaining my previous size? 

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I can't understand well your inquiry. ADT may cause lost of libido but it doesn't interfere with erections. Prostatectomies in  some guys lead to the lost of natural erections and causes shortening of the penis. Doctors usually recommend the use of pumps, viagra or masturbation for recovery after treatment. Penile implants also are used by some.

What's your real issue?



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My real issue is penile shrinkage. It happens on ADT thats what I have heard from others also. 

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Hi there,

What other treament have you had?

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Reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode, all kidding aside.

From what I have read ADT can effect some men with loss of length and girth. I am a big believer in the use it or lose it philosophy so if it was me I would start using it as much as possible and see if that helps.  If not, there are other mechanical devices on the market that could maybe work.  Might be a good idea to talk with a actual doctor to see what they reccomend if achieving multple errections by self or partner stimulation does not seem to be working.  Also in my case it sometimes seems that as we get older muscle mass, strength, ect seem to diminish to a certain degree.  Just my 2c worth as a non medical person.

Dave 3+4

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Thanks for reply! I am looking for how can I restore my pervious size. I was on lupron for 1.5 year. 

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