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I was wondering what were some of the symptoms experienced to lead to a colorectal cancer dx?

Myself I am in remission with endometrial cancer, and confirmed with Lynch Syndrome PMS2 mutation.

I stressed to my gyno/oncologist at my last follow up that I am very tired, no energy, and I have dropped a significant amount of weight. Having difficulty putting weight back. I have lost over 15 pounds. My blood work is normal. No anemia. I am scheduled for both a colonoscopy and EGD in November.


My oncologist asked me if I thought it was related to my cancer? I was surprised by this comment...


Any input, response very much appreciated.


Elena  : )


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    Like allot of people, I didn't recognise my symptoms until it was almost too late - as in a bowel rupture, and a Stage IV diagnosis.  

    Looking back - ah, hindsight, don't you just love it - I did have urinary urgency and my stomach was bloated, so that I looked a little pregnant.  While I have always had the old mother's belly bulge, the extended bloat was worrying, and at one point I remember looking in the mirror and actually saying 'I wonder if I have Cancer'.  

    Those were the only two signs that something was amiss, and I ignored both of them. 

    I'm sure November seems like forever away. I hope it comes around quickly for you, and the colonoscopy can put your mind at rest. 


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    Cancer symptoms

    My husband only had abdominal cramping. The first time it went away before his doctor appointment. They still did an X-ray and ran blood work, but nothing raised any alarms. This was Thanksgiving 2018, and at Christmas 2018 he had cramping again, this time it didn't go away. The night after Christmas we went to the ER, and were about to discharge with a prescription strength laxative, when the radiologist would sign off because of something on the X-ray not sitting right with her, so she insisted on an MRI. Even his liver number was only one digit over what they like to see. It should be under 100 and his was 101. The MRI showed cancer in his colon, liver, and stomach lining. Ironically, a few years prior he asked for a colostomy, but they said there was no reason to. Prostate cancer is what runs in his family and he was so young. Now, we really don't know if anything would've been there then, but it's interesting that something told him to ask for one.

    Anyhow, everyone is different and symptoms can be different. Hope you can get answers and that it's something they can help fix to make you feel better.



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    My dad

    My dad had probably the first symptoms 3 years ago. He sometimes had a slight pain in the groin area. Nothing else and it was quite irregular. He did have then a colonoscopy which was negative. Unfortunately this little irregular pain was the beginning of the cancer. 

    He then got a medicine which made him prone to infections and which increased the cancer growth. Around 12 months ago he had all the typical symptoms: changing stool habits, pain and sometimes blood (which he didnt mention to his doctor). Because the colonoscopy was 2-3 years old, they tried everything else first until he was diagnosed with cancer. 

    They assumed that tumor infiltrated the nerve which was proven true after the surgery. So we could look back and say that he had cancer 2017 already, it just grew faster because of the meds. 

    I, unfortunately, know people who never had any symptoms and were just diagnosed by accident.

    Whatever happens: you are on the safe side with your colonoscopy. If there is something, they will find it. 

    I keeping my fingers crossed that it will be good!

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    Colorectal cancer, unfortunately, is one that is mostly silent.  They said mine was growing for about 5-7 years before the bleeding occurred.  There are a lot of different symptoms people can have like the bloating, irregular bowel habits, bleeding, constipation, etc.  It's good that you are going in for a colonoscopy as that will give you some answers.  Wishing you the best.


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    Since you are scheduled for a colonoscopy, that will determine if you have colon cancer.  I hope you do not have it!!  But even if you do, know that it is beatable.

    I was dxed wwith it eleven  years ago when  Iwas 77.  Currently 88 and still NED. Ned means no evedence of disease. Since I have beat it at my age I assume any one can.   Good luck to you!!!