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Question to ask

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i had my scans he said I was Ned but then he said there was a small spot on my kidney he believes it's scar tissues and not to worry but of course I worry I question him about it he said kidney looks fine and blood work looks great I don't know what to do

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Bay Area Guy
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Remember, it's not just the urologist or urologic oncologist that looks at your scans.  A trained radiologist does as well.  Both seem to indicate that the spot was scar tissue (little Freudian slip when you said scare tissue).  So both of them would have to misread the scans and come to the same conclusion.  You're always going to have some worries about anything that's not cut and dry when it shows up on your report.  But I do recall an earlier post when you said you were having some periods of pain in the area of your surgery, so there could very well be some scar tissue there.

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But we need to be an advocate for ourselves, doctors can be wrong and radiologist can wrong.I had an ultrasound in 2018 and the report says complex cyst, nothing worry about.I saw a urologist and he said the same, but it was wrong! It was cancer, I loosed 1 year and did ct when it was already 4.5 cm and not 1 stage like again said the wrong doctor, it was aggressive cancer tumor 3 stage. It's your life, not a doctor or radiologist,i saw lot of people who were told "get it all" and don't worry its nothing, now they stage 4 and probably die due to doctors mistakes 

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My urologist ordered a PET scan last year and a spot lit up. I had to have a biopsy, and sure enough, it was scar tissue.  He said it can continue to form for quite some time after surgery, and they just check to make sure there's not TOO much variation in size from scan to scan.

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That makes me feel better thank you

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