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Tom M.
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Just letting you know that the Penn State trip was good as far as the liver resection goes however the chest CT showed some small lung nodules so resection on hold for now and I am back on chemo for a bit. I will re-visit Penn State in January to repeat scans. I am fine about all of this because many of the comments made on this site are stories of up's and down's for us all. Febuary will be 2 years when this all started for me. The chemo really never bothered me so I am lucky there. I remain up beat about all of this. Pray, Hope, Don't worry. I will post up dates about my progress.   Take care,  All


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    Tom, You are right about the

    Tom, You are right about the ups and downs.  It's good to hear you are at a quality cancer center that you trust.  I pray for all of us.

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    Still I'm going to say, drat.

    While you are sailing the same boat ride as many, its still a bummer to hear that there might be other things going on. 

    I pray that you tolerate the chemo as well as last time. Get it all over with, and then lets address those mets. 


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    Hopefully this treatment will knock out those little tumors and your appointment in January will be great results.  Thanks for the update and keep the great attitude.