Checking In After Long Absence

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Haven't been here in so long! Decided to stop in and see how my RCC family is doing. Missed you guys. So many new people!

Will catch you all up on me. I had CT scans earlier this week and I'm still NED. I get scans and blood work every 3 months. It's been 5 1/2 years since my adrenal met and adrenalectomy. I'm very fortunate. When I got my first tumor 8 years ago, I really thought I might not be around much longer. I got to see the birth of my granddaughter and watch her grow up (something I thought would never happen before cancer).

I've lost several friends to this cancer. I lost another just a month ago. A close friend that got kidney cancer about the same time as me and suffered terribly the last year. I wish him peace and also the other friends I've lost, both here on the board and in my every day life.

Sad to see the passing of CinnamonGirl. I'm sorry I haven't been here much. I've found myself busy and thinking less and less about my cancer, which I don't think is such a bad thing.

Love and light to you all!



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    Welcome back

    Stay away frpm Vegas.






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    stay safe, Todd!

    And yes, it's definitely not a bad thing to not think about cancer all the time! 


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    Good to see you, Todd, and to

    Good to see you, Todd, and to find out about your NED!


    It is good that cancer is now mostly out of your mind, way to go! :-)

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    Good to hear from you

    You've encouraged and helped many on this board. Thanks for checking in and so good to hear you're enjoying your life and family. Blessings to you.