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Letrozole + Ibrance for ER+ endometrial cancer

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Saw this announcement today and thought I'd share it with you all. It's a small study but with promising results for advanced or recurrent estrogen receptor positive endometrioid type endo cancer (those of you with serous should also read it).

CDK4/6 Inhibition Boosts PFS in Endometrial Cancer


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Thanks for posting! Good to see more options coming.

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Thanks Tamlen. We seem to be getting closer to long term management every day!

Love and Hugs,


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serous cancer. Combined with a p53 mutation, there is only more chemo, radiation and a few clinical trials that give just a few months survival. I am so happy that others can be helped but there just isn't much out there right now to help us. 


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YAY!  Finally, Ibrance has posted again on this board and not by me!  I have been on it for almost 3 years as a maintenance program after my 2nd recurrence.  I have ER+ and PR+ HER2- endometrial cancer.  Currently, I am in remission, but my doctor calls it well-managed cancer, so I'm good with that.  

Ibrance has been prescribed in England for this type of hormonal endometrial cancer for a few years now.  


I have had to be part of a metastatic breast cancer board to be part of any discussions about this medication.  I would love to be connected to ladies like me. BTW, one of the ladies on the MBC board has been on it for 8 years.

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Mercoby, it's so encouraging to hear how long you've been on Ibrance with good results. Can you tell us about the side effects?

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First, you need to know it's three weeks on and one week off.  You need the one week to restore all the blood counts.

The biggest side effects are lowered blood counts.  I've been anemic the whole time I've been on it, but my body seems to have adjusted and I have adjusted my habits.  Basically, I see myself as having an certain amount of energy, so I organize my life by the amount of energy it takes to do things.  For instance, I don't do a long swim workout on the days I have to teach school (2nd & 3rd grades).  I do get fatigued a bit more now, but maybe that's me getting older.

My wbc and platelets have been down for the last few months.  I think the Lunestra affects platelets.  I started taking it in February for a few days a week and no effect.  Since Covid, I have taken it Monday thru Friday and I notice my platelets are not as good as before.

I was taking Marrow Plus for my white blood cells, but it started bothering my stomach (nausea), so I am taking less or not any at all.  At the end of 3 weeks, my wbc count looks pretty bad.

Mostly, I go in for my monthly blood tests at the end of the three weeks on. That's when everything is at its lowest.  This time the wbc is keeping me from getting a flu shot, so I have to go in next week to check my blood to see if I can get the shot.

Other side effects that I have had are nausea and neurapathy on my scalp.  I think the scalp thing is really unsual because I have only conversed to one other person who had that.  The nausea is transient.

On the metastic breast cancer board in another platform, someone said they knew someone who had been on this combo for 8 yrs!  I know that's a lot of someones, but my doctor said that was possible.  He has a few patients that have been on it for 6 years.  I am hoping that because I am in remission, I can be a long-hauler too.  BTW, I don't have mbc, I just wanted to connect with people on the Ibrance regimen.

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