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I am looking for a 2nd opinion regarding my colorectal cancer. I have already had surgery to remove the tumor and will soon be receiving adjunctive therapy. Can anyone reccommend a top hospital for treating this type of cancer? Which one(s) is especially successful for treating and curing colorectal cancer? I have looked at U.S. News ratings of highly ranked hospitals but it's hard to narrow down. Again, this is to seek a second opinion.


Thanks for any and all suggestions. 


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    Cancer Center of America for 2nd opinion

    I had my second opinion @ CTCA in Newnan GA, they were going to continue chemo  here locally. Wouldn't communicate as to how many more so I got a 2nd opinion. They ran their own labs and ct scan I had stage 4B Figo 2. endometerial cancer. I went to CTCA for a new patient appt. they retrieved all my records. 99. Total   they declared me NED April 18 2019 they also fly mr up there from fla no cost to me ! Every 3 mths!  They also treat the mind and body in many ways better,   chiropractor  physchiarty   Nutrition . Not sure where you live but they have several locations.! Their facilities. Are new state of the art. I wish I would have gone there at Dx and had my chemo there ! Instead of where I was !  If you call they will start you out wiith a patient advocate, then they connect you with a patient manager and discuss your cancer with you ! Good Luck !



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    2nd opinion

    Hi Dancer,

    It has been over 3 years since my last treatment. When I was diagnosed, I didn't like my first opinion, so through a referral, I went to MassGeneral Hospital in Boston. Great surgeon, great oncologist and team. I was so happy with the care, attention and advice I was offered. Surgery along with 6 months of Folfox 5FU treatments and I'm still here and clean!

    Good luck to you!


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    It depends on how willing you are to travel.  I'm not sure of your location, but there are plenty of good hospitals in the US.  MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mayo, etc.  It just depends on what region you want to be in.  Good luck on your decision.  Welcome to the board, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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    second opinion

    Barnes Hospital/Washington University was fantastic. They are in St. Louis, Mo. If you want direct phone number etc. let me know and I will send it to you. Save you some time playing the transfer game on the phone.


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    I'm going to be the devil's advocate here. You had a successful surgery and will get adjuvant therapy, which given the situation, you can't really do better in terms of treatment. The most sucessful treatment is surgery. I did not have great success with adjuvant therapy but it is not the therapy that is usually the problem, it's the cancer.

    Are you receiving standard 5FU based chemo?

    If your surgeons are good enough to remove the tumors without incident, maybe you are already in a good place and don't yet need to look for alternatives. I would ask them about molecular testing to see if they are giving you the best possible treatment, but perhaps it may be in your interest to stick with the team you have here.

    I have good relationships with my doctors I think and I wouldn't want to go elsewhere unless I find they missed something big. I think the good relationships are important for healing, but so is trust in their ability.