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4th chemo, elevated liver marker

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I was not so active the last days. At one moment it was just too much. So many worries, so many fears. The German angst you could say. 

My dad is running through his 4 chemo. The last 10 days he was really good. We did an electrotherapy and added nuts to his diet. The chemo hit soon really hard but the recovery was good. He even did some farm work. 

Unfortunately, his liver markers were elevated today. They checked with USG his liver. Maybe they will consider to change the chemo dosis. 

Next month they will do a MRI on the liver. One week later is the talk with the oncologist. I am a little bit worried, most likely overthinking. I am worried that the liver is suffering to much and there might be a recurrence even though the surgery was open surgery and they got everything out. Maybe the liver MRI is common a few months after surgery? 


Update: his bilirubin is increased. It was increased in March and April before surgery but it did not cause yellowing of the eyes. They checked the liver with USG but atm I am worried again. The doctor said we should not worry but you do. 

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