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Newly diagnosed prostate cancer

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I've had BPH for years. Finally, last December (12/04/2019) I had a Urolift done. It was totally unsuccessful. In June (06/15/2020) I had TURP surgery. When I went for my post-op visit with the surgeon/urologist he told me that they found cancer in the tissue removed. The cancer was in about 5% of the tissue removed. It was rated at Gleason 3+4=7. Does anyone know if they usually get all of the cancer in the prostate out with TURP surgery. I have a visit with the surgeon/urologist scheduled for 10/02/2020. He told me at my last visit that my treatment options would probably be Active Surveillance, radiation, or radical prostatectomy. He wants me to get a PSA test before the October appointment, and he also said that he would probably also ask me to have a MRI.

I'm hoping that all of the cancer was found and removed during the TURP surgery. Does anyone know if that is at all possible, and if so, is it likely that it was all removed?

I'm 67yo and my PSA in April was 1.86, so there was no indication that cancer was present.

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Same happened to me in 2016. After TURP, I was incidentally diagnosed with prostate Ca. My GLEASON after TURP was 6.

2 1/2 months later, I had TRUS biopsy which came  back as GLEASON 7 (4+3)  1 of 12 cores positive with 12%.

I had RP 11/2/2016. Post RP, I was downgraded to 3+4 but my Cancer was multi focal on both sides of prostate, pT2c.

Just want to warn you that TURP and RP are producing terrible SE especially incontinece and non recoverable ED with significant loss of length of 25%.



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I do not think TURP is curative for Prostate Cancer.  Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is usually used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but it may be used in prostate cancer patients to relieve urinary symptoms of the disease.  TURP doesn't cure prostate cancer but can help to relieve its symptoms. Please pay close attention to what MK1965 is telling you.

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As commented by survivors above, you need to consider that TURP doesn't free you from the cancer. Your doctor's recommendations are fair in having additional investigations into the finding, but the PSA and MRI alone may not be enough to know if cancer exists at other areas of the gland. I would recommend you to get a biopsy (12 cores) for peace of mind.
Only after that you can then think on the best treatment option to deal with your case.

I understand your wish in avoiding further investigation but you shouldn't play roulette thinking that by luck TURP has removed the malignancy totally. The typical tissues removed in TURP surgeries are central to the gland but most of prostate cancers are found at the outer areas closer to the shell. Only a biopsy can give you the right answer.





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Hi Musicman,

In my non medical opinion the Turp is not a procedure used to remove cancer but to widen the Uretha.  3+4 is on the slighly agressive scale and needs to be delt with not via AS in my opinion.  I was a 3+4 and had the opposite result as MK.  Two years after surgery I had gradual improvement I am back to about 90-95% on both the ED and the urine leakage. Most people go the surgery or radiation route depending on where the cancer is located.  I feel it is important to locate the cancer via MRI or PET scan to help guide you whether surgery or radiation is a better option. My cancer was getting ready to leave the Prostate but after 5 yrs.I am still cancer free.  Cyberkife, Proton, and radioactive seed implants are some of the more popular radiation treaments. You'll need to study the side effects of the various treatments because they all do have them including AS with repeated biopsys.  I have included a couple of information links to get you going.  Once you gain more info about your cancer there are people that have had just about every proceedure you can ask questions about their benefits and side effects.




Dave 3+4


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I have been in an Active Surveillance protocol since March 09 with lots of biopsies. The biopsies do not cause side effects. AS is the prefered treatment of low risk disease. This is so since the side effects of active treatments can be debilitating, especially surgery to include but not limited to ED and incontinance.

Men with a low volume of 3+4 are also eligible for active surveillance, that is not having an active ttreatment. In fact I have a small volume of 3+4

With respect to biopsies, there is a random biopsy that is given with usually 12 cores as V gama mentioned above, however there is a better biopsy available that is a targeted one and is able to find more aggressive cancers if they exist which you can place more confidence in. The biopsy protocol entails the following: first an MRI using a T3 magnet. A radiologist then ranks any suspicious lesions found. Next a three dimensional biopsy machine is used to target the lesions. The two manufactures are Artemis and Uronav.

It is possible that the cancer was removed with a turp, however this is an unknown and a biopsy is indicated 

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Can someone help me? My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, he's going through radiation ( First full week), taking hormone treatment, He's having a really hard time keeping anything down. He has a sour stomach, and he asked the staff yesterday if there was something he could take, and they just told him to just "keep trying" to eat, but he's lost 4 pounds since Friday, and all he has had in his system is milk, Boost, juice , half a portion of chicken soup and water. What can I do?

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KBurgos,  you might want to delete this post and start your own thread. That way, more people would see it, and give it the attention it deserves.

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Thank you

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I just wanted to encourage you to look into proton therapy... I went to Jacksonville Florida and had it... no side effects... no sexual dysfunction... I'm clear 11 years and my Psa is less than 1. It was my first line treatment, but there were lots of guys post surgery that had it come right back, and weee there, with lots of negative Se. read "you can beat prostate cancer"

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hasn't been seen since he started this thread?

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