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Cinnamongirl passed

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We kept up some on FB. Don't know if her family even knows about this place, but I thought you guys should know. As far as I know, she went peacefully today.

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I'd read on smartpatients that she hadn't been well, but the news is still an awful awful gut punch. God bless you, Cin. 


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stage 2 


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I never got the cahnce to  connect with her but she seemed like such a kind and sweet lady. RIP

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So sad...

Thank you for letting us know. I knew she had mets, but thought those lungs nodules were sucessfully treated. 

Terrible. RIP, dear Cin

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Thanks, CRasher for the info.  I pray that she was free of pain and found comfort with her family.


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for another... my regrets to an email and CSN supporter.  It's what we all hate to hear.

I opened a local paper this morning and there were 2 death notices for people I've known since high school; and both had had cancer and other problems.

Hugs to all, donna_lee

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Canadian Sandy
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Rest In Peace Cin.

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So sorry to hear, rest in peace Cinnamongirl

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Hope her family finds comfort.

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Just logged in after a very long absence here. Very sad to hear this news. RIP CinnamonGirl.


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I've been out of the loop and just saw this news on facebook. Cin and I messaged back and forth a bit, and I realized I hacn't seen any posts for a while. She went through so much, so many treatments with continuous rising and dashed hopes - yet always hopeful and filled with faith. Loved her kids and grandkids, raved about her husband.

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Just saw this. So sad. RIP, Cin. 

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