Dreaded ostomy

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And so the dreaded ostomy is in.  I'll have to live with it for 3-6 months or more, but supposedly can resume full activity.   I expect to be here at the lovely  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center hospital for another couple of weeks for now.   Mood is improving,  and I expect to really improve when I'm allowed to eat.  This NPO for several weeks is exhausting (and not a recommended way of dieting). Emails are welcome,  as are cards (Alice Rubin M15, 1075 York Ave. NY, NY 10065.)

Just went for my second walk, and am holding up.  I'm trying to give David as much breathing time as possible.  He's been more than wonderful,  even with my outbursts. Hold tight to that special one.


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    Happy to hear from you...

    even though you are still in the hospital. 

    I do hope that you are able to eat more solids. I can't even imagine being NPO for so many weeks. That is just awful. 

    Know that we are all thinking of you, and hope soon to hear that you are back home. 


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    Small circles

    Walks, solid food and soon the circles will expand to walks in the park and sleeping in your own bed.  Best wishes for a strong recovery.

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    Thanks for update

    Thank you so much for the update as we were wondering how you are doing.  I'm sorry to hear that you are still in the hospital.  Hoping that you will be able to come home sooner than expected.  The ostomy is something that needs getting used to, but you will get more familiar with it the more you change your appliance.  I'm praying for you and wishing you the best.

    Hugs!  Kim

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    It is so good to hear from

    It is so good to hear from you!!!  Ya, the ostomy is a dreadful thought but really just a pain for about 5 minutes a day.  You can do this!!!  I'm cheering for you.

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery

    I have had an ostomy for 10 years now...my how time flies.  The hardest part is finding the appliance which works best for you.  Fortunately the manufacturers are great about sending free samples for you to try out.  Once you get the right one, it just becomes part of every day life.  

    If you run into any issues with the ostomy, post here, as I am sure one or more of us will be able to offer some suggestions.


    Marie who loves kitties


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    What is NPO!?

    What is NPO!?


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    yetti said:

    What is NPO!?

    What is NPO!?


    NPO or NBM

    Nothing by mouth - Nil by mouth - No solid foods.