5 year anniversary survived stage IIIC endometrioid adenocarcinoma

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Hi, just wanted to post some hope for those going through a scary time. I just passed my five year anniversary since my treatment began for Stage IIIC, grade 2 endometrial cancer (endometrioid adenocarcinoma). It had spread to my pelvic lymph nodes, which boosted up my initial "don't worry about it" Stage 1 version of no big deal hysterectomy to a life threatening Stage IIIC and 6 months of chemo/radiation.

I had the "sandwich" protocol: 3 chemos (Carbo/Taxol) three weeks apart, then 25 days of abdominal/pelvic radiation, then 3 more chemos. It was hard. But I never had a recurrence.

On  this past July 22 I had another clean CT scan and chest x ray, and my relieved oncologist put me on a once a year checkup schedule, no more scans! I made it this far, and all my wishes are that you make it, too. There are no guarantees in this life. Still, it could come back. But I am so happy to have walked through the valley of the shadow and up to the light again.  Keep the faith. You can endure the treatment, and there is hope. As for people trying unproven "alternative" treatments, I can only say that I am certain the carbo/taxol and radiation saved my life. 

The one thing I do wish I had done differently is use ice baths on my feet during chemo. I never had neuropathy in my hands, but both my feet have permanent nerve damage, tingling toes and numbness. it does not bother me and I just keep going but I wish I'd known about that ice bath idea back when I was having chemo. 

I've said before on this board that losing my hair was the most upsetting part of the entire treatment. it took almost 3 years for my hair to return to its normal state. If that is you, just know that it is temporary and your hair will come back.

I don't come onto this board very often anymore, but when I was going through the bad times, it really helped me. Thank you all. 

Love and prayers to everyone!







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    Great News!

    What exciting news! Thank you for sharing. And thank you, too, for sharing that losing your hair was the hardest part -- it was for me, too. 

    It must have been terrifying to go from a no-big-deal diagnosis to a life threatening one. How sweet it is for you to be five years out!



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    Happy Anniversary Christine!

    Happy Anniversary Christine! I hope you do something special to celebrate. Thanks for coming back and letting us celebrate with you. 

    My 5 years is coming up in 6 months. Can't wait!

    Love and Hugs,


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    Congratulations!  Thank you

    Congratulations!  Thank you for stopping back in and letting us know.  This is so good to hear.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    YOur great news.  It gives hope to many.  Congratulations.

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    Love the News!

    It's always great to hear about such a wonderful anniversary. Thanks for sharing this good news with us.

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    Thank you!

    I couldn't be more thankful for this encouraging news from a fellow advanced stage girl.  You give us hope to persevere!  Thank you!

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    Congratulations! Thank you so

    Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your good news - we need more of it these days!

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    Fabulous! Thank you so much for posting to give us all hope! I've been told (so far) 6 rounds of taxol/Carbo, but no one's mentioned radiation ...yet. I do believe from all my reading the absolute best way to beat this is to get it all on the first try! I'm getting ready ....working on the "bring it on" attitude...let's get this going and done and move forward.

    I dread the hair loss...dread, dread...but if it means I survive, I'll take it.

    prayers for all xo


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    Thank you for sharing this

    Thank you for sharing this huge milestone with us. 

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    Thank you for sharing your great news!

    All the best,


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    Great News!

    So good to hear positive results.  
    Continued blessings!

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    Great News!

    So good to hear positive results.  
    Continued blessings!

    Oh! The baby lamb!

    Or is it a goat? In any case welcome and thank you for the cute, cute picture!  Funny or baby animal pictures always make my day. My daughter sent me tons of funny cat pictures to keep me going during chemo, so they always make me smile.

    May I suggest that you start a thread to introduce yourself to the group? We are sorry that you needed to find us, but are happy that you did!

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    Hey, Goat Granny,

    You sure got my attention with that picture.  

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    Hi Christine:  Congratulations on reaching your 5 year mark!  I hope you can continue to remain cancer free for the rest of your life!  I am 9 1/2 years from being cancer free and was diagnosed in February of 2011 with Stage 1 of UPSC.  I did go through chemotherapy 6 rounds of Carboplatin and Taxol and 3 Brachytherapy treatments. My oncologist has told me it will be Unlikely for my cancer to return at this point so that is really good news.


    a/k/a Jane