Radiation Gastroenteritis

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Hello, all.  I'm hoping to get some hints on my diet. I finished my treatments in 2018, including surgery, radiation and brachy therapy.  Since that time, I have been able to eat less and less.  Right now, I'm down to consuming High Protein Boost and clear Boost Breeze.  Surgery was done by a general surgeon, with a large patch of surgical mesh over my small intestine, causing a snarl of scar tissue and adhesions.  The surgery reduced the space that my intestines occupy in my abdomen.  Am having feelings of being bloated, gas, nausea and diarrhea.  Does anyone have this and, if so, what protein drinks have they been able to use? Thank you!!  


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    Post-surgery Complications
    I finally had to undergo another abdominal surgery a few years later to deal with several incisional hernias that had reduced my ability to eat anything requiring chewing. I feel great now! Lots of new mesh. No dietary restrictions. You might consider having a consultation with a gastroenterologist just to explore your options.
    Sending big hugs. Sally