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Checked ou of hospital

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Hey everyone 

I have checked out of hospital. Operation went perfectly , zero complications and excellent margins.  The pain isn't too bad. The catheter was definitely the worst bit, but even that wasn't that bad. Waiting on histopathology. Fingers crossed that its benign but I know that unlikely. Anyway its nice to be tumor free . Thabka again for sharing your experience,  strength and hope 

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Bay Area Guy
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Glad to hear that Seanjg.  The healing has begun.

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Here's to speedy recovery for you!%

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Canadian Sandy
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Time to recover now.....best wishes to you.

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And walk it off. It may hurt, but trust me. Walking is the best. 

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Thats great . Now take is easy with recovery. 

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You are probably now, moving around and getting back to a routine. If I remember, the size of your tumor was stage I. You should have found out in a few days, the results of the tumor. After my surgery, they biopsy the tumor. I did not get a biopsy before the surgery. The doctor wanted to get the tumor out right away. About 3-4 days later ... they told me it was cancer and the stage.

If it was cancer ... the doctors will have 3 and 6 month check ups. They will keep an eye on your. 

Take Care, John.


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Thankfully it was a rare and totally benign tumor. No follow up required. Thanks for your concern.  

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