Recent Cyberknife Treatment

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Looking for personal side effect experience using cyberknife for prostate treatment.  Thank you!


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    There have been several Cyberknife survivors reporting in the forum but they rarely are seen. I think that they got cured and gone to navigate in other waters. You can try contacting them via CSN's email.

    Here are links to their stories;




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    Hello Fred

    Just saw your post and had to check my calendar but it was 3 years ago today that I had my last Cyberknife treatment. I have a couple of posts on this site under my name that may help you with any questions.  if not feel free to ask here or privately.  Got a lot of help from Vasco and several others here. I will be getting a blood test and what has turned out to be an annual instead of twice per year trip to my Radiologist next month.  The past 2 years my PSA was .3 so so good so far. I have been blessed with extremely minor side effects which were minor at best year one and close to non existent now.  Maybe a slight urge to urinate more often than before.  Get up once at night to pee some nights sleeo right through.  Bowel movements completely normal.  Maybe once every couple of weeks I'll get the signal to move fast to the bathroom but thats about it.  Everyone is different and you never know I guess.  Dr Katz has studies out now over 10 years with overall favorable history for the study group.  Good luck I am here if you need anything.  Best Regards to you and all on this site.