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LBCNHL Hair loss /R-chop

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This is my first post. I haven't navigated around theCSN site enough to find some answers  so I'm writing it out.I am still dealing with a lot of shock from friends about myLymphoma, and sometimes  I even ask myself "Is this really happening."I finished my 1st chemo 2 weeks ago and was wondering when most people started having hair loss?I know everyone is different so I will just average it out.It will be R-chop for 6 times and spinal chemo 4 times. Thanks

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Welcome to you Burni.

You are correct: each patient differs in side-effects and severity, but the durgs you are receiving almost always cause hair loss, including, for some, loss of eyelashes and eye brows.  These also almost always grow back after chemo ends (Rituxan does not by itself cause hair loss, so if you go on Rituxan maintenance later, it will not impede hair return).

As a general rule, ABVD and CHOP cause hair to fall out a few days to a week after the SECOND infusion.   But this varies by individual.  Seldom does ONE CHOP infusion cause the hair to come out.


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....  my hair started coming out. I simply shaved my head and have gone with very short hair ever since. I was always a long-haired person before but now really like it short. So does my wife. Hair loss does not have to be traumatic. It can, in fact, be liberating. Best of luck!

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round is when my hair started falling out.  My granddaughters visited about a week before it started to fall out.  I thought about having them cut it all off, but didn't.  Big regret as they would have enjoyed cutting grandpa's hair.  On the positive side, didn't have to worry about those pesky nose hairs.

Wishing you there best.

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I have asked my husband when the time comes will he be able to shave it off.He says he will be able to.I got 10" cut off a month ago to transition a little bit. It was emotional for me.we have talked about it for awhile and I feel this is helping us get ready. Will I be smiling or crying or both, I really don't know.

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I began to lose my hair about two and a half weeks after my first treatment. (2-R-chop) I will say it wasn't that big of a deal for me being a male. I had my wife cut the rest of my hair at that point. I will say this if you need some encouragement is that it came back just a few months after my treatments and it seems to be a bit thicker and lighter in color. Instead of gray i call it blonde in color. LoL

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