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Remission for 2 years and chiming in to say hello

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Joined: Feb 2018

Hi everybody.  Last I was here I was worried about neuropathy and other problems from treatment.  Well, let's say I'm alive and very fortunate at that and my minor pains and complaints are small compared to being in the battle for remission or left with no choice except comfort.  I hope all is qell with the many folks I remember and that new folks are fighting the fight with all they got!

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Sandy Ray
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Remission is a sweet thing. Glad your doing well

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As we journey through life and are compelled to encounter its imperfection, there are times when we are also overwhelmed by truth and beauty. The prefection of truth and beauty places our living condition in perspective. Having been a chronic complainer, and still fighting the tendency, I have come to realize that when I complain, my complaint ius chiefly about being alive. 

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I am so happy for you.  Thank you for updating us and saying hi.  Think you are the one in a band, hope you are able to play at least via zoom.  Hoping you have many healthy years ahead of you.


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Hi Bill,

I remember you from the old forum.  So glad to hear your up-date!  Congrats!  :-)



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