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Emergency LAR - our first 48 hours (expectations versus reality)

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I've update my profile with our first two days of KNOWING colorectal cancer; Decemeber 28 - 29, 1995. I wish it would have occured to someone to do a colonoscopy on my wife in the year prior to this, but that didn't happen. Heck, I can't even remember if we had internet or cell phones back then.

My wife was 39 years old and we'd been married a year. Everything happened so quickly! 

I had to make a decision while she was under; one that hadn't come up in conversation in the one day we had to prepare.

Her primary surgeon was a Baylor medicine guy. He didn't get us overly concerned before surgery (almost made it sound simple), but prehaps he just needed us calm under the circumstances.

While I'm new here, I hope to be around to give support/advise for a long time. 

The surgery may not go as planned (hoped) but you just have to move on to the next step.

There's a lot of surgical information for operation day, but it's related to her long term problems with the medical abbreviation we'd grow to hate...SBO. 



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I look forward to follwoing your profil and see how things have panned out across the years. 

My, your wife was very young when diagnosed.  It is not unknown, of course, but still sad. 

I still remember my first reaction to hearing those words 'You have Cancer'.  Not a time one forgets. 


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And I a very good memory and can't recall that exact moment. The wife surely doesn't recall anything of the first few days.

Lots of ups and downs along the way. Like I said previously, ours is not the most traumatic of stories, but there was a lot of lifetime lost to the cure.

But it was LIFE.



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Your wife has been through a lot and I'm sorry to hear that.  It's scary to have to go through this.  The profile that you have listed is pretty indepth and a lot for any one person to endure.


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I hope it is not verbose. 

For someone that survived her stage IIIB/C in the first year, she sure suffered (and lost a lifetime) over the next 24 years.

I can google words, but I really don't understand the details of what went "wrong" for her. And I don't mean wrong in an accusatory manner. 

I came only hope that some will read our experience and find much needed peace in the fact that others suffer with then and that one day things can change.

Will probably be less wordy in the profile and create a post related to what I want others to be able to find.



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Good luck to you and yours.

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