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Hi Everybody,

it has been a while since I checked in with you and I hope everyone is doing as good as it gets nowadays. I had a rough year, thank god everything seems to be ok. I became very ill last August, caugh, couldn't breath and had a funny backache. I was convinced my cancer spread in my spine or returned. I just waited for my next check up the Covid hit. 2 months later my CT and blood was ok, but the backache is still with me.  35 years of dentistry I guess. I also have a parastomal hernia that will need to be operated on sooner or later. 

My daughter has graduated from Stanford in data science and going back for her masters. She is great.

I still live in LA with my girlfriend and we are doing great as well. For cancer patients and survivors like us our personal life is a constant turmoil. Now the entire world is a mess on top of it. More than ever trying to live one day at a time. 
Wish you all the best,




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    So happy to hear from you, Laz

    I am sorry to hear that you have had some rough sailing, this past year - do you like the tie-in?!!!   Getting old to start with, comes with its own problems, and like you say, too many years bending over patients probably hasn't helped matters. 

    I am glad that your CT & blood work was A-OK, and pray it stays that way; though we will NEVER EVER be free from the fear, when each test comes around; especially if we are experiencing unwanted and undiagnosed aches and pains. 

    Your daughter is a star, and I hope she continues to do well as she heads into more schooling. Very impressive! 

    Stay happy and strong. Live and love, and I hope you get out on the high seas every now and again. 

    It was such a pleasure to meet you that one time - wow, way back in 2016 - 

    Check in more often, eh.


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    It is so good to see your post and to know that you are doing well (except for the back).  It seems as we get older, the things we did in our younger days seem to catch up with us.  It's always nice to see a familiar face pop up on the board and let us know how they are doing.

    Congratulations to the daughter and wishing her well getting her masters.

    Wishing you the best in the future, and come back and let us know how you are doing.



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    Hi Laz! Just checking in myself. So glad to hear you are doing generally well even though you are having health bumps. I think we all are. Cancer never actually goes away, it leaves a mess in its wake. Congrats to your daughter, what great news. Hope to catch you one day on the boards when I'm on as well.

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    Good to here old voices still, it's tough to follow, talk to, and really care about people, who sometimes, at some point, simply drop off into the void. I know how sudden and/or difficult endings can be, but I'll try to say goodbye if and when those moments arrive, if I'm able at all. If this blog really means so much, it should be worth that much of a coda......................................Dave

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    This post from Laz was dated in 2020, because I responded to it in July 2020.

    Where did you find the post, Helen? I think the new format is playing games on us.


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    So glad to see your post Laz. I am glad all is well besides the back issues. I am approaching my 10-year NED mark next week and I remember early on you would always reply to my posts in such encouraging ways! Take care, Alice

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    Laz's post is from 2020

    I just appeared from nowhere, when they updated the forum to the new layout.

    Sadly, Laz has not posted since 2020. I wonder what he is up to?

    I have sent him a personal message.


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    I was able to message with Laz, and he replied with a lovely, healthy picture of himself.

    He is doing really well, and it sounds like life is being good to him.

    Maybe he will even pop in, now that he knows folks are asking after him.