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Joined: Nov 2017

My Sweetie reminded me that today is my four year surgiversary. Usually I am laser focused on the date, but actually forgot this time. I guess that's good. I certainly feel better today than four years ago. So for this day: extra dancing with wild abandon, and even more gratitude than usual. Take care -

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Bay Area Guy
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There are sure a lot of us with four years.

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You ate on your way to dounle didgets





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Here's to many many more!


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Joined: Jul 2016

I love the way you celebrate!

Congratulations, Jazz.


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Way to go congrats

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And stuff like dates can slip past.  The day I was told I had a mass or 2 in kidney and liver, my pregnant d-in-law came to sit with me.  And that girl will be 14 in a month.  Keep busy with living and it passes so fast you wish the merry-go-round would slow down.

Way to celebrate,


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Posts: 202
Joined: Nov 2017

you always give me such hope. As I told Iceman, there are some real beacons of light and hope on here and you are one of them.  Take care -

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Mazal Tov!!

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My 4 year surgiversary is also coming up at the end of this month! Thankful for better days. God bless you❤

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