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Fatigue !

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Hey y'all,  most of you know l had my ascending colon removed alittle over a year ago.  Stage 1 with no chemo or rad.  Just had my 1 year follow-up, colonoscopy clear, CEA 1.4, CT scan clear.  My issue is fatigue !  Doctor said my bloodwork is perfect.  I'm working 40+ hrs/wk and working out.  I just feel fatigued and brain fog ever since my surgery.  My oncologist doesn't seemed to give it much thought since all my labs are good.  Could it be l'm still healing ?  l've read that CFS can start after a big surgery..........

Thoughts ??

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It takes a while to heal, but after a year it seems you would have adjusted.  Sometimes, for me, I think I blame all the problems of aging on cancer and chemo.  But sometimes there are changes that would have occurred even without the disease.

You might consider researching some of the nutritional supplements that some of us find useful.  Maybe something like ashwaghanda would help with energy. 

Best of luck with these issues.

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thxs !!! l'll try it

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Fatigue can be caused by many things.  Working 40+ hours a week, plus trying to workout is a lot to accomplish in a week.  Like Sandia said above, their are supplements that can be taken to help.  Just don't give up working out and exercising as this is really good for you whether you are fatigued or not.  Congratulations on the great scan, blood work and overall health.


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