Chemo cough

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Do any of you on chemo have a cough? I am not sure if mine is from chemo or my bad allergies. I also never noticed it before these times of covid. 

If you have it, do you take anything?


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    Hi abita,  I had a cough

    Hi abita,  I had a cough start up last week.  I took claritin for a few days.

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    I did have a cough for much of my treatment and a few months aterwards. Never a sore throat, though. 

    I'm sure it has something to do with chemo dyring out all mucus membranes throughout the body. 

    Still, best to keep a keen eye on it and mention it to your Oncologist just to be sure. 


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    Me too

    I have also acquired a cough, but i think mine is from the radiation i had to my lungs.   currently I am on FOLFOX with Avastin.  The decadron they give me during the chemo treatment quiets the cough for 5 to 6 days. Then ir returns. Also I have a chronically sore throat,

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    It was off and on and my nose was runny and stuffy at the same time.  Make sure you let your doctor know.


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    Yes. I have developed a cough

    Yes. I have developed a cough. It's concerning, especially after surgery to remove CRC from left lung. But I've been told that I have an hiatal hernia. I also think I have acid reflux. Both of these things developed after my APR surgery. I think using the Rectus abdominal muscle for the repair is the culprit. My stomach is very misshapen. I think the surgery caused the hernia and resulting acid reflux which causes me to cough whenever I eat or lay down.

    I'll be seeing my gastroenteritologist next month. We'll see what they say.