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I volunteer with this group. They have online support groups and other resources some of you may find helpful. They recently launched their uterine cancer support resources.


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    Thank you

    This site looks amazing, I would absolutely love to participate in a uterine cancer support group.  Thank you for sharing!

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    Yeah - another group for us!!

    Yeah - another group for us!!  I know SHARE has been interested in getting this started and so glad to hear you working with them CQ.  Thank you!

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    SHARE support

    Thanks for telling us about this resource. While my hospital system has a "cancer survivorship center" that provides a variety of services including counseling, exercise classes and nutrition classes/consultations I know from reading this board that not all health system have similar programs or if they do, they're not conveniently located for everyone. So the Sharing initiative to add support for uterine cancer is good news.

    I didn't try the counseling/support groups available to me, but I did go to the exercise classes, except for when I was doing the "phase 2" chemo. Eventually I returned to my usual classes at the park district, but the exercise classes tailored for cancer patients were a good option for me during chemo and radiation.


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    Thank you

    This is helpful.