Maintaining Continence?

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Had a prostatectomy about 4 months ago and continence is mostly recovered. Have been doing Kegel exercises daily (three to four sessions daily involving 15 repetitions of 5 seconds each) and I figure I'm at about the "99% continence" level. Just occasional spurts when coughing or exercising. So my question is if it's OK to reduce the Kegel exercise regimen somewhat or even drop it all together as I approach full continence? Actually, I've already started to slack off a bit because as my continence becomes less of a concern I naturally become lazier about doing the Kegel exercises, so I would like to get some input and advice on what the correct strategy should be.


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    Muscles need training

    Hi Flyer,

    If it was me I would keep it up at your current level, 4 months and 99% is impressive.  You could try an experiment by slacking off and see if you regress, if yes then go back to your old level.   Ive been doing the same level of Kegals for the last 5 yrs. and have no improved or gotten worse.

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    At 4 months

    I am pretty sure I regained full continence at around the 4 to 6 month point.  I continued the kegels even after the no depends, no pads, no thins.  I do not kegel as much as I used to since taking up partner Yoga.  I will be 70 in September.  I had a RARP in 3/18.  I consider myself in good health (164 lbs; fat mass 10.9%; normal blood pressure (no Meds); normal blood work (no meds).  Very active.  The physical therapist measured my kegel strength (3 probes in your rectum, then kegel) before my surgery; I was a 4 out of 5.  So, keep kegeling.  Good luck on your journey.