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High PSA level

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My husband is 45 and about a week ago he had difficulty urinating, pain and urgency. So after 2 days waiting and not getting better he went to the doctor and he did a DRE and said that he has an enlarged prostate probably due to prostate infection. He also did the blood test and prescribed Ciprofloxacin and tamsulosin hydrochloride. It’s now 3 days and he is feeling better but today we had the test results showing a PSA level of 24! He talked to his doctor and he told him to continue using his medications and see him in another 10 days! I didn’t know anything about PSA so I searched a lot and the more I search, more worried I become. I appreciate if someone can tell me what to do now. Should we wait or should we go see a urologist? Thanks

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

A PSA of 24 is high for a case of an enlarged prostate due to an infection but it is not impossible.
I would suggest that that he continues taking the tablets and goes to see the doctor again in ten days.
He will give him another DRE and a PSA test, see what that tells you before considering a urologist.
There is no hurry with prostate cancer as it is a very slow moving disease, it will be still be doing about the same thing in a month or two and a urologist will not consider the next stage which is an MRI scan or biopsy until prostatitis is eliminated.

Best wishes,


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Thank you Georges, really appreciate it.I hope it is just prostatitis. This high number makes me worried a lot, but I guess we can wait another 10 days. 

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Just do what the doctor told you to do.  Good luck on your journey.  

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Thanks. I will. But i was thinking by the time his doctor see him again and give him another test and then refer him to the specialist, things might get worse.

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As Georges Calvez mentioned, prostate cancer tends to be a rather slow moving cancer. My doctor said that the fastest moving prostate cancer is slower that the slowest moving pancreatic cancer. I'm guessing that the DRE did not find definite evidence of prostate cancer or else your husband would already be scheduled for a biopsy. 

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Thanks so much for the info. I am new to this topic and definitly not knowledgeable, so any tip is really hepful. Thanks again.

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A PSA reading of 24 is alarming. My PSA level in June 2020 was 10.8. My Urologist immediately ordered another blood test and the result returned a PSA of 10.4 in August 2020. A biopsy was performed in October 2020 and the results came back positive for prostate cancer. I had RP done in November 2020 and I'm still recovering from my surgery. My biopsy results determined the aggressiveness of the cancer and method of treatment. It also wouldn't hurt to get another opinion.

[Removed by CSN Support Team.] As you said, things could get worse. If there's anything dangerous developing, you want to catch it early.

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