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Incontinence and swimming

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Anyone with incontinene know how to go swimming in a pool leak free? I had DaVinci surgery in 2016 at age 64. Gleason 9. Have been incontinent from day one. Depending on level of activity 1-3 pads a day, one at night. Had sling surgery earliy 2018 didn't take. I've learned to deal with the leaking. However, I have grand kids that want me to swim with them like I use to. No way at this time. So my question, that I hope someone can answer is, what's available to control or hold urine in while swimming? I've heard of clamps (worried about restricting blood flow.) I "ve tried swim diaper, water gets in so sure water and urine will leak out. Not ready for AMS 800 sugery quite yet. Any suggestions???

Thanks Mtop.

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My comment may seem awkward but in your shoes I would just enjoy the moment swimming with my grandchildren in traditional swimming pants. I do not image your incontinence as a constant dripping without stopping that would jeopardy the situation while under water. Using a clip may avoid dripping but a little urine in the pool would not make it to stain or turn the water poisonous. Urine is even considered good by those that drink it for healthy purposes.
Out of the water you should then change your dressing to use the pads as it seems appropriate.





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Hi Mtop,

From what I understand Urine is suppose to be sterile unless you have a bladder infection or if your that concerned use an external catheter with a very small bag or a penile clamp.   Life's too short to deny the grand kids.

Dave 3+4

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I’ve tried two kinds of penile clamps.  The first was a Bard/Cunningham clamp and it was brutal!  Yes it was watertight and yes it could cause untold vascular damage if left on a long time.  There was zero clearance between the “padded faces” of the clamping jaws even in the loosest setting.  My other concern with this clamp is that it was watertight - if the urine is not in the bladder and it can’t leak out of the penis then the urethra will inflate like a water balloon, probably causing long term damage.  Urethra damage would be a concern if you later want to go the AUS route.


Based on your description of your incontinence I leak less than you but enough when walking to worry about wet spots.  The second clamp I tried was the Pacey Cuff and it is much better.  It is sort of like two buckles and the adjustment strap feeds through them forming a circle.  The inside of the bottom “buckle” has a roll of padding on it to compress against the urethra.  Even fully closed the clamp can’t completely crush the penis so vascular damage is much less of a concern.  I adjust mine so that some slight leakage is possible if internal pressure gets too high, thus I don’t worry about over stressing my urethra.  Using one of the lowest tightness settings I’ve dropped my leakage on walks to less than 0.13cc per mile, which considering, I set 1cc/mile as a recovery goal when I was working with physiotherapists and never achieved better than 0.4cc per mile (using pelvic floor exercises alone) is success.


All of the clamps will have a visible outline when your swim shorts are wet even the most baggiest boxer style swim shorts I don’t know how you might manage that however.

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That's everyone for the helpful information.

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I too love swimming and happily living my rest of my life.

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