Sad news out of England

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Absolutely appauled that any treatment for Cancer is cancelled, anywhere.   There is no excuse. COVID-19 is not an excuse to stop life saving treatment.  

So very sorry this young woman suffered and died.



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    Having cancer is a battle no one wants to have, but those of us in it want an honest shot at beating it. This virus is taking people it should not have.

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    so heartbreaking

    Lucky for my dad his chemo ended just before covid but our local hospital and cancer center closed and the hospital wasn't even full and had few covid paitents. I said it from day one hospitals should never be closed unless there full . My dad is worried sick now with another surgery coming that this second round of covid will cause another shutdown and so am I . It's really heartbreaking that this is happening in our country .Also I agree tru there is no excuse to stop live saving treatment all sick matter not just those with covid 19

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    In Germany

    In German news they said that around 50000 cancer surgeries were postponed until mid June. That is 25% of all cancer surgeries. In some cases diagnostic measures were not taken and after care was postponed. 

    We are at a place where it was never that severe. We have 2 hospitals that always work together and this time they coordinated a lot more. Now we dont have here in this region any positive tested people anymore. The covid station in the hospital got build down. But some places in Germany suffered more and tbh I am thankful that covid did not affect the cancer treatment of my dad that much besides having visitor regulation that were hard but got lifted. 

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    Very sad.  Unless one has cancer or a loved one has cancer, no doctor or hospital will seem to ever put that treatment first these days.  I'm seeing that here in the states as well.  There are so many precautions they can take now.  Just sad.