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Chemo port question

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The skin above my dad's chemo port is white does anyone know what that means ? my dad is worried about it so would be thankful for any help .

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but if in doubt, have him contact his Oncologist nurses. I am sure that he must have a 24 hour emergency number.  

I remember having a bit of a panic - OK, a big panic, when the covering on my port blew up like a balloon while I was hooked up to my 5FU.  I called, the nurse calmed me down and told me all was well. And of course, it always happens on a weekend and usually at night. 


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Posts: 253
Joined: Dec 2019

we did that they didn't know what it was either but didn't think it was a emergency and told him to watch his temp and for pain if those are okay just come in monday 

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You would almost have to have a doctor look at it just to make sure it wasn't an infection.  That is one thing you don't want your dad to get, especially in the port area.  If he is running a fever, definitely call the doctor soon for him to be seen.  Hope it turns out to be nothing.


Tom M.
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I would have an office visit with the surgeon who put it in. They would know best. I'm sure it is nothing.

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