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I have PCOS and my last ultrasound was done in 2017.  Recently, I started with a new MD who happens to be a gyn onc.  I saw this dr because I have a history of vin 3 and my previous gyn moved to a different location.  My ultrasound from 2017 had a stripe of 1.4 cm.  She told me that she was going to schedule another ultrasound and to not be suprised if I'd be getting a biopsy.  My recent ultrasound report findings were "irregular and vascular endometrial stripe with increased cystic changes may represent hyperplasia or malignancy".  The stripe was 1.3 cm, a small uterine fibroid, and cysts on both ovaries (expected due to my PCOS).  My dr will be doing a D&C.  I've never been pregnant and she said this would be a better option than a biopsy.  I talked to her PA about my report last week and she started talking about hysterectomy and lymph node disections.  This suprised me since we don't have a actual pathology report and makes me wonder if she can tell something by looking at the images.  I've known her for years because she worked with the previous gyn onc I was seeing.  My gut feeling isn't good about this and makes me think I have more surgery in my future since she started talking about these options.  D&C is scheduled for 7/29.  Any of your advice is very much appreciated.  Thank you for letting me vent.

I'm also a melanoma and brain cancer survivor, 7 different cancers in my family, and have the P53 mutation so I don't scare too easily.  :)


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    Welcome and best wishes

    Hello, Court.  I have nothing dx and tx wise to say, but your post is very moving.  I can sense your concern, and encourage to come back here as often as needed for info and support.   It sounds like you have a doctor who is on the case.  As you may have noticed, one of our other new ladies is having difficulty getting the D&C approved that you are already scheduled for.  Keep an open mind and your spirits up.  You sound like a brave woman.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty 

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    Welcome Court

    What a history you have.   I am glad things have worked out so far for you.  My first thought is "may represent hyperplasia or malignancy" is just covering the outside chance.  They have to say that.  I am glad you are having the D and C.   I would remember that 9 out of 10 biopsies (including D and C's) are normal first.   Your PA probably felt she could discuss options with you because she knew you well.  Maybe like thinking out lloud.  That would be the option if the biopsy, taken during the D and C, is suspicious.  I don't think she can tell anything positive on a scan.  This is all scary but nothing you have said so far takes you out of the 9 out of 10 benign biopsies group in my opinion.  I'm sure you are famiiiar with this whole process.  The waiting is the worst.  I am an RN not a doctor, but have read about this cancer for two years.  Good luck and don't be a stranger.

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    Hi, Court

    Welcome!  Wonderful that you are scheduled for the D&C - that's the best way to approach it for sure (I didn't know that in 2017 and was given a biopsy, which thankfully did reveal my problem but I found out later from this group that it could easily have been missed.)  

    In awe of your 2-time survival!  And take heart.  As others have mentioned, 90% of the time, these biopsies come back clear. I remember my doctor telling me that "may represent" is a less-worrisome terminology - my report said "is concerning for."  So hang in there and let us know how it goes!