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Any Lenvima / Lenvatinib left over to share?

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Hello, my mother is sick with Adrenocortical Carcinoma, which unfortunately basically has no FDA approved treatments.  Her oncologists are trying to get her on Lenvima/Lenvatinib to try after some positive results in a recent study, but insurance will not cover it since it is not FDA approved yet, and the cost is an unbearable $23,000 a month out of pocket. 

I know it's approved for tyroid cancer, so was wondering if there may be some survivors or caregivers that have some of this medication left which isn't needed that could be shared with my mom to try and see if it will give her a few additional months.  At this point her agressive cancer is progressing quickly and we are desperate to try anything.

Thank you very much (from a thyroid cancer survivor, myself!),


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We are sorry to hear about your mom's battle with a rare cancer. 

I wanted to mention that CSN is part of the American Cancer Society. ACS provides information and services for patients and caregivers, including resources for financial assistance towards the costs of cancer drugs. 

I encourage you to please reach out to us at ACS's National Cancer Information Center.  You can call our toll-free number, 1.800.227.2345, where Cancer Information Specialists are available around the clock every day of the week to speak with you (24/7/365). You can also utilize the Live Chat feature Monday through Friday between 7am-6:30pm CST on www.cancer.org. Our cancer information specialists can discuss treatment options with you, resources, second opinions, and clinical trials. 

Best Wishes, 


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Thank you very much, Elena.  I'll reach out to them tomorrow.

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