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Hello, all. I'm new to this community. Indeed, this is my first post.

I'm 65 years old, live in Connecticut, USA, and first feared that I had prostate cancer in February 2020 upon viewing my 17.6 prostate score in my medical records.

On July 1, I underwent a radical robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy at Yale/New Haven Hospital, in, obviously, New Haven, Connecticut. My doc also removed my neighboring lymph nodes (next week I'll receive a report from the lucky pathologist to whom my doc handed my bits) and a "sling" procedure to give my bladder a helping, if not hand, chunk of tissue.

I've been documenting my journey with daily entries on my YouTube Channel.

I am doing my best to turn this challenge into a positive experience. Yeah, as you all know better than I, that's a tall order. Surprising myself and everyone who knows me, I've become completely transparent about my cancer, going so far as to record daily video selfies of myself walking around my neighborhood, piss bag in hand. My new goal in life is to make the world a better place, one urine bag at a time.

For those interested, here are the first three postings:

My Prostate Cancer Journey, which documents my experience from the day before my surgery to the day after.

Prostate Cancer Recovery Diary Day Three (post operative).

Prostate Cancer Recovery Diary Day Four.

I look forward learning from you all.

John Thomas


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    Hi JT. Welcome to the club

    Hi JT. Welcome to the club that none of us want to belong to.We have much in common. I too am 65. I had an RARP on 11/20/19. Still limp&leakin but alive. Good luck on your path report.

    I'm confused reading your post. You stated that you will be getting a sling in several weeks. I've not heard of anyone getting that done for at least a year post surgery. Did I miunderstand you?

    It sounds like you have an excellent attitude and are dealing with with your situation very positvely.

    Keep up the excellent posts.