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Can only laugh

Tom M.
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Joined: May 2019

I got my MRI results yesterday on my liver. My last 2 CT scans were good. Showed nothing to be concerened about. Last PET showed same. This MRI showed a 2cm lesion on segment 8 of the liver. Now I'm not stupid, a lesion can be any thing. So that being said I can only laugh about it. I am totally ready for this up and down game. I am 1 1/2 years into it. I feel great. I see the liver surgeon on July 8th. I will keep you all posted.    Tom

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Sorry to hear this. How long between the PET and MRI? My recurrence on liver was thought to be scarring. So got sent for MRI. That radioligist or whoever read the scan could tell immediately they were tumors and they were small. I so very much hopr for you that it is something else. I of course then went for a PET, and started back on chemo. And as an aside, I never have an issues with PETS or CTs but that MRI was horrible. I was terribly congested so maybe that made it worse. But they had to stop and take a break for me for about 10 minutes, I was so stressed in that tube :)

Tom M.
Posts: 212
Joined: May 2019

I'm not really worried about any of it. It'll get fixed. I had to come out of the tube about half way through. My breathing got off and I put myself into a panic attack. The things that we put up with in our journy's. I did finish so that was good. I know just how you felt. Anyway July 8th I'll see what the surgeon will do. All shall be well no matter what. Hope, Pray, Don't worry.

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I had a something on my liver from the very beginning. My Oncologist thought it was probably just a Liver hermangioma, and it stayed the same throughout chemo, and my first post treatment CT scan, then my CEA jumped and jumped again, and another CT showed just the same 'thing' on my liver. A PET lit up, so I went in for surgery Thermal microwave Ablation.  The tumour they found was much larger than they thuoght. Larger than they measured on the CT & PET, so it was really the CEA that was my big red flag. 

If they do figure it is a tumour, be sure and talk abuot all options, including an Ablation - it has to be under 2 cm - even though mine wasn't - but it is such a huge difference in surgical procedure AND recovery. 

I have been NED ever since - 6 years 2 month. 

You are approching this is totally the right way.  Your positve attitude, while it might not change the outcome, will be huge in whatever you may or may not be facing. 

Keep us posted. 


Tom M.
Posts: 212
Joined: May 2019

That's the funny thing Tru, my CEA is at 1.5 right now. It hasen't been above 3.0 for a year. I am not worried at all. I have a really good surgeon whom I highly respect and trust. She will take care of what ever needs to be done. You are right about attitude, it goes a long long way in this game. I have had it since I started all this a year and a half ago and I don't intend to get down. There is nothing to be affraid of. Ever.

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Wishing you well on the appointment you have coming up.  You have a great attitude, and you sound like you totally trust your doctors, that is a wonderful thing. 


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