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Good news

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I met with the PA on Dr. Chow's team yesterday and she let me know everything looked great with my scans.  What a blessing to hear those words.  Jazz brought up a powerful point in a previous thread when Bryn told us about her upcoming surgeries.  It's an awkward situation sharing the NED news, but also being sensitive and understanding to others that are not hearing those words during their doctor visits.  Please know this emotional wrestling match of sharing this news or not sharing is real.  I extend my prayers of strength and hope to all of you!

I'm on the road this weekend attending a seminar, but I'll touch base early next week to set up a site-wide toast.  I'm hopeful our collective good thoughts will bring a sense of warmth and love through the internet and help you in this journey!


Wishing each of you only the best!


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Bay Area Guy
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Happy to hear your news Stub.  Safe travels!

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Good news!Congrats!

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Congrats Stub.  Very nice sentiment that you shared.  Personally, Im thrilled with all the NED posts.  The only thing that really gets to me is stage 1, 2, 3 peeps talking about Stage 4 as one foot in the grave.  I understand the fear, but theres so many stage 4 people doing well and living well for years.  Its why I tell newbies not to read the stats.  Its best to be as positive as one can be.  That is our goal in coping.

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That's great news

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Congratulations @ Good News!

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats stub! Always happy to hear good news.

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thats all.

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Congrats, Stub! 

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Sounds like you are really busy in this weird time. So glad this takes one thing off your mind for a while. Maybe some ice cream with that pizza too? Take care -

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so so so so happy for you and the family

wonderful wonderful news




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Happy for you Stub!

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Very happy to read your news. Congrats, Stub!

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Stub, I am so happy to hear your news, also. Don't feel bad. Everybody needs to hear good news as well as the bad. It's what helps keep us all going. Especially in these weird times, as jazzgirl called it!! Weird for sure. It is so encouraging and you most certainly deserve the news, and to tell it!!

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So good to see you again!

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Congratulation! :-)

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Congratulations Stub, I always found it comforting to hear the NED news, not only happy for the friends here and it also tells others that there will always hope even being diagnosed with cancer! Thank you, take care, and celebrate!

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Thats great news!! CONGRATS


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