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lung cancer

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Can you tell me what your symptoms were for lung cancer?  Perisistent cough.



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I was diagnosed in May.  I did not have symptoms and the cancer was discovered by accident when I went for an x-ray to see if fluid was building up around my heart.  The cancer is limited and is about 3 centimeters.  The Drs are checking now to see if there  is any spread.  I just want to be in touch with anyone else who might be have experience as to what to expect.  I have had 6 rounds of Chemo and am scheduled to have 6 more.  Not sure about radiation yet.  My biggest  problem right now is diarreah and constipations alternating.  Very uncomfortable!  Has anyone else experienced this and what measures did you use to handle it.  Praying for all who have this terrible sickness and trying to stay safe during this Covid 19 outbreak.

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Hi.  I too was newly diagnosed in June of 2020.  I have gone thru only 3 chemo treatment and tomorrow I start with 6 weeks of radiation and chemo.  I have had some bouts with constipation.  Miralax helps wonders with that.  Just a few doses and it cleared itself up.  Good luck Maxielle.  I hope to talk with you again soon.

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