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colostomy supplies

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I got a colostomy about 3 weeks ago. Only been able to get the supplies the hospital gave me when I left. anytime you go to doctor for check up he takes off bag. Then thats anther set gone. I have a home care nurse who order for me and all I got was 3 barrier rings. This is so scary. I'm on medicare. any advise.


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Call the ostomy company and they can overnight to you is what I have heard.

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for medicare to pay I guess I need a detail prescription. This stuff is really expensive.  


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If you search on the internet for ostomy supplies, you will find several companies who handle that.  Which ever you choose will ask for your doctor's information and they will contact him/her for the prescription.  They will also take your medicare info and any additional insurance you have and bill them directly.  You will be responsible for anything above what they pay.

You should also talk with your home health nurse about what supplies you need right away.  

In the mean time while you are waiting for things to get processed, you can contact the major makers of ostomy supplies...Hollister, Coloplast, etc. via the internet and ask for samples.  They will gladly send them out free of charge.

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Cinda, if you want to message me your full name and address, I can put some supplies in the mail for you today...

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Anneo. I don't know how to send you my address without making it public.


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Hover your cursor over Annie's name in the blue box. Click on it and it will take you to her profile. Then you go to the top of the page and click on Contact User. You will be able to send her a private message via CSN. 

Good luck!

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Ok, when I first got my surgery, I was freaking out on getting supplies because, good Lord, what happens if I run out before I can get some in? I envisioned having to tape a ziploc bag to my side...

Depending on what company's bag the hospital gave you (I got Hollister bag and wafers) you can call Hollister and they will tell you the part numbers of what you need. They will also tell you the name of suppliers that will work with your insurance.

Here's a list of what you want to get:

!. Wafers

2. Pouches

3. Adhesive Remover Wipes

4. Skin Protectant Wipes

5. Stomahesive ( Its a protective powder that is used if your output leaks under the barrier and gives you a rash... Trust me, it happens and you want it)

Now, I go through a company called ABC Medical to get my supplies, but you can use just about anyone. If you call them with the model numbers of what you need and your GP's phone number, they will take care of getting the prescription for you.

Hope this helps you sweetie, and the offer of sending you some supplies in the mean time still stands.


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Being new to an ostomy can be a challenge, no doubt about it.  When you need to change your appliance you need all your supplies available, and you should be able to get enough supplies through medicare.  You have received great advice from others that have already responded.  My ostomy nurse helped me a great deal.  If the supplies that you have don't seem to be working, don't stay on long enough, or leak, contact the other manufacturers and all of them will send you out samples free of charge.  Don't be afraid to ask here or your nurse for special attention until you are satisfied.  Wishing you the best.


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Thank you all for being here for me. Its so comforting.


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I get all my iliostomy supplies from Prism Medical.  They are great, and take about all insurances (so they say).  I get a script once a year signed by my Onc, and bam, it's done.  You actually fill out the order form as to what you eed specifically, the doctor signs it, fax it in, and, done.  Been the easiest part of this whole adventure.

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In need of free supplies 


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My insurance covers 2 boxes of 10 and one box of the stick wipes and 1box of wafers. The problem is stoma is hernya and can use 2 to 5 bags and wafers and sticky wipes a day due to really uneven surface that I have. I have 6 bags left 6 sticky wipes 5 wafers left .can not reorder till the 12-8-2020 if any can help sure appreciate it .thank you 

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Hi 318 supplies,

I'm sorry to hear that your insurance will not cover the supplies you need until December.  As your post is outside of our scope here at CSN, please reach out to us at ACS's National Cancer Information Center.  You can call our toll-free number, 1.800.227.2345, where Cancer Information Specialists are available around the clock every day of the week to speak with you. You can also utilize the Live Chat feature Monday through Friday between 7am-6:30pm CST on www.cancer.org.  We would be happy to look for resources that may help provide supplies.


Best regards, 



CSN Support Team

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When my dad got his the home nurse said she would call in supplies and didn't so we hardly had any . Then we called the ostomy nurse at the hospital and she gave us company names and numbers to call . Since then either me or my step mom call in supplies for my dad earlier then when he needs them . Thankfully his insurance hasn't given us a problem all this advice is wonderful in this thread . I would add just always be alert to how much supplies you need cause it can catch you off guard. 

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Do you have a colostomy? I have supplies from coloplast company that I don't need because I use hollister. AnneO helped me when I had a hard time getting supplies. I would be glad to send you my extra (no charge ) just message me your address if you would like them. 

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Your surgeon is supposed to handle this.  You order them through an online company, call medicare and ask which one or call the company with the brand they are using and they will set you up.  They contact your surgeon and get approval and you get the supplies usually in the mail.  PS ask if you qualify for a two piece disposable for free, believe me, it will change your life.  I don't know how anyone using those terrible one piece systems.  I used them for 6 months.  Worst 6 months of my life.  Anyone who can get free two piece disposables should definitely do so.  It's confusing in the beginning of an ostomy, and rather depressing but it does get better!!!!! 

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I had a heck of a time getting my first order of colostomy supplies. I was very frustrated and kept contacting supply company to see what the hold-up was. I finally received them and they did better with my second order. I guess if worse came to worst, I would try to order some supplies from amazon.com. I know they are expensive but some of them are "prime" which means you can get them quickly if you are a prime member. 


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