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Good News on Liver CT...But Hold On a Second

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Capox Dude
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I posted my good news that my liver 'maybe mets' were gone for now.     I was very happy.   But wouldn't you know - my asthma doctor ordered a chest X-ray because of something he saw on that very same scan.  And even though my liver looks fine, the radiologist said that my lung X-ray was "concerning for malignancy".   I was sent to a pulmonolgist, who ordered a bronchoscopy because it looked bad, but my lung disease makes it hard to tell what is abnormal cancer and abnormal diseased lung from asthma.    I just got the results, and it is all NED on the cytology and pathology.  "No sign of malignancy".  So the luck is holding for now.  

Like I say, I almost feel guilty posting good news, when bad news is our companion.  But I am sharing because I want folks to know that getting news like "lesions on liver appear to be mets" or x-ray is "concerning for malignancy" is not always a signal to give up.   It's not.

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Canadian Sandy
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Good for you. thanks for the post.

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Your good news is something we can all celebrate.  We know exactly what you have been going through; the stomach drop when they say 'we are concerned about.....',  the scans, the waiting, always the waiting. So we are happy when we find out that at the end of all of the waiting, you hear those precious words, NED. 

Here is our friend, Happy Dancing Man   , because this is how we feel for you. 


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It strikes me that the test results are written for doctors with little or no thought of how the wording effects the patient.  Congratulations on the good results!

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So so great...I am happy for you...Keep the good news coming!!!

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Capox Dude
Posts: 78
Joined: May 2019

I am now pretty good about not ruining my week with worry while I await test results.  Practice I guess.  But that nagging 'what if..' is always there. And while I am aware that a negative biopsy is not a guarantee of no cancer (just that none was found on that particular biopsy), it is all they can do, and I will take it and run.

Tom M.
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Capox, I always enjoy hearing good news on these blogs. Congradulations and keep it going.

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That is awesome news and don't ever be afraid to post something positive as many people here might be going through the same situation as you.  Encouragement is the best medicine in a lot of our mental state and that can go a lot of ways to helping people feel better and getting through different situations.  Thank you for updating us and wishing you the best going forward.  It's always good to see your posts.


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I am happy for you and don't feel bad your good news helps me cause right now we are waiting for my dad's ct scan . Hoping his didn't spread so he could have another surgery to remove his cancer . So your good news gives me hope that we will get good news also . 


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