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Mixed results but OK

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Donna Faye
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Doc called at 8 a.m. to report on Friday's CT scan. Good news and maybe some not so good. It appears that the surgery in October killed the beast on the vaginal cuff! I think she was shocked! But, I do have 3 lymph nodes in the pelvic area that have grown slightly larger. One is tiny, 2 are a little over 1.3 cm. I will meet with her on June 23 for an office visit to get more detail. But for now, she wants me to stay on the Megace/tamoxifen and we'll scan again in 3 months unless I have symptoms that show up. So, I continue to feel good, no side effects and life at my son's has proven just what I needed. Company during this isolation, good food and lots of love and attention. I know how lucky I am.   

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Donna Faye, this sounds really good to me! Not so long ago you were trying to determine what to do with the vaginal cuff problem. Having that be all clear is wonderful news! 

Hopefully the Magace/Tamoxifen will hold back those other 3 little monsters. 

So glad your move has worked out well for you. Being happy in your home is priceless. I love this picture of you and your son. The joy pops out to all of us.

Love and Hugs,


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Ah, Donna Faye, we appreciate the update, and when you talk about time with your son? Well that just made me smile.  

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It confirms that your treatment approach has been a good one for you and it's the icing on the cake for you to be with family to feel good about how things are now in this moment. I think teaching us to live "in-the-moment" is one of cancers blessings. I wonder about how much I didn't appreciate in the past because I wasn't living that way, but I'm hopefully making up for it now! 

Fridays Child
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So glad the surgery worked, and I hope the other medications will keep the nodules under control.  Hope you and your family are all safe and well otherwise.


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Glad to hear the good news!

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Hi Donna Faye,

Congratulations on your very good news.  On your lymph nodes, I don't know what their dimensions were last time, but even the two nodes that are approximately 1.3 cm, are not very enlarged.  Just for sake of comparison, I dug out my pathology report from surgery and see that the pathologist reported that my right pelvic nodes ranged in size from 0.6 cm to 1.6 cm.  Many other nodes were above 1.3 cm. and all 30 nodes were negative for cancer.  Also, over the years I've learned that there can be inter-observer variability in measurements, so that two different radiologists could measure the same node and get slightly different measurements.

Sounds to me like you have a cause for celebration!  Enjoy your good health and good report!!


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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
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I really depend on all of you for decision making. Back in 2016, I was not sure I would have treatment as was a stage 1, but you wise ones knew how sneaky UPSC is and encouraged me to do the chemo and radiation. I wonder if I would be here today if I had skipped treatment. So, your words always ring true because we all walk the walk and know the truth. 

So, thanks again for taking the time to comment and give advice! We are mighty as a group! xoxo df

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You chose treatment because I love having you around. You make a difference!

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Donna Faye, I'm so happy for you.  Let's keep an eye on those nodes for sure, but go ahead and revel in the beautiful summer months until the next scan.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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Thankful for good news for you and that you are enjoying living with family. Cancer seems to give us a much different perspective of what is really important in our lives. I also am grateful for ladies in this group that encouraged me to get a second opinion that led to frontline treatment. Hugs and prayers! Donna D

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You are such an inspiration, Donna Faye. I am glad the news is good and that the new treatment is manageable. I so appreciate you here on this forum and am grateful for you sharing this newest part of the journey with us.


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