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My girls!

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After three whole months gone, I am finally surfacing and I have missed all of you so much.  Praying as always that everyone's ok.  We made it out of Texas just before the army shut down all military travel. Took six days to get across the country and arrived in our SC home three months ago today.  Spent these past 12 weeks in the house, unpacking the sea of boxes and venturing out just for supplies and food.  What an unexpected adjustment period to retirement and having hubby home ALL. THE. TIME.  Innocent 

I'm going to try to catch up on all I've missed, but just had to check in.  I would love to ask your prayers as well - I've been fighting some depression and it's really hard to climb out of the brain fog.  No energy, no motivation, no focus.  Still haven't done the taxes.  Just want to sit on the sofa all day.  Not really a way to show gratitude to God who has spared me the past two and a half years from Stage IVB recurrence!

I have my next checkup in a little less than two weeks - a little apprehensive about breaking in a new doctor, but no choice in the matter.  I'll be seeing Dr Kohler at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.  I live north of there, but they have a satellite office.  First time with a male doctor and of course I'm older and more overweight than I've ever been, so there's all the self-consciousness that goes along with that.

Anyway, hugs to all of you.  I look forward to getting up to speed on how everyone's doing.

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Donna Faye
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I wondered what had happened to you but just adjusting to new home, area, retirement, etc. is enough to keep one busy. You can read my update I'll write later today. Just glad to hear from you and I think depression sort of goes along with all that change. I remember after my divorce, it was hard to keep positive but I had to teach every day and it kept me going. This virus and all the stay at home has been hard on everyone. Summer is here and you live close to the beach. Enjoy! df

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Good to hear from you Armywife. Moving can be so draining. And, you did all of this in the middle of a dang pandemic! I hope you can push yourself to take some walks and enjoy this weather. That will do you a world of good and help clear the fog. Being in a new place takes time to start feeling like home. 

I moved 2 years ago and had to get all new doctors. So much harder for us with this dang disease. I really liked my doctors at my old place. but I'm happy to tell you that I like my new ones even better. I'm sending you good vibes that will be the same for you too!

Take care of yourself. Force the walks! And, please come back here to rant. We are here for you.

Love and Hugs,



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SO good to hear from you, Armywife!!!  That had to be a lot of work but glad to hear you are settled, and the 'funk' is understandable - with everything going on it is easy to slip in to.  Of course I know everyone from the board is praying for you, but also try to do at least one thing for yourself every day - a walk outside or whatever, and feel good about that!  Hugs. 

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I had been wondering how you and DonsWife were doing. Moving with a newly retired husband? Been there, done that!! Until hubby figures out what he wants to do with himself, it's a challenge. It felt like I had a preschooler who didn't know what to do with himself underfoot again. Because of my cancer, hubby no longer assumes that I will outlive him like he used to and was receptive to learning how to take care of himself. His repertoire of things he can now cook for himself continues to grow and we work on the housework one or two days a week together. He especially likes to do the grocery shopping and the laundry, so I let him have at it. Now, it kind of feels like I got to "retire", too. You just need to look at it like you have a puppy to train.Wink

Fridays Child
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Glad to hear your move is accomplished.   Tough way to do it with everything going on.  I hope as you settle in you will feel more like yourself.  Once you've met the new doctor you'll probably feel better about things. 

Cindi, I don't know/remember where you live, but am glad you have nice weather!  I go to walk at 6 am and it's already humid, muggy, and hotter than it should be at that hour!  Hoping for a little relief soon.

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I live in that hot, humid weather as well Fridays Child. Your description of the weather is spot on. However, the early mornings and evenings are great. 

I live just North of Pensacola, FL...... Air conditioning is our best friend.  :-)


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Hi Armywife! Glad you made the move with few hiccups. The fog and depression hit me hard when I had to retire four years ago. And, I didn't have a pandemic to contend with!  Change is so difficult, even change for the better. I hope you feel some peace soon.

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It's good to hear from you! Hope your appointment does or has gone well. Prayers for you to get some energy and get motivated!

Donna D

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How is it going, Armywife?  

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Welcome back, Armywife. When you have the time and bandwidth, please do let us know how your scan went. You've had a lot of changes in your life in recent months -- not mention coping with a pandemic! Hope you're doing ok.


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