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Hi New Guy

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Brand new to the board, and cancer.  Found out Friday that I have a mass in my sigmoid colon.  Good news is CT scan confirmed that the cancer hasn't metastasized.  Had a consult with a surgeon yesterday who apparently is one of the best in the city.  She wants to do an MRI to confirm exact location.   Surgery expected 2-5 weeks after that.

That's it for now.  I am up today. 



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Bet you never even knew, and didn't want to, that there are forums for awful things like Cancer. 

It is definitely a club nobody wants to be a part of. 

Good nws that the Cancer has not spread.   Ask us anything you want, there is bound sure to be someone with just the right answer, and lots of insight, experiences, stories - some horror - and fun. Yeah, we can have fun, as well. 


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Thank you.  Hope I replied right.


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As Tru said, "welcome, sorry you are here."  There will be countless issues to deal with in the upcoming weeks.  One word of caution, however, is not to rely entriely on scans.  It seems like it is during surgery that the concrete discoveries and conclusions are made.  It looks like you have a while before surgery.  My strategy was to train for it as if it were an athletic competion.  Best of luck to you.

Tom M.
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Good that it didn't spread. They'll remove it, probably some mop up chemo and you're as good as new. Best of luck.

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So glad that you found our board as we can help you get through this and answer any questions you have.  Good to hear that it has not spread and you already have a plan in place.  You sound like you are adjusting well to this news and have taken steps to move forward - that's very important. Wishing you the best.


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Thank you everyone!  So glad have the support!


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Canadian Sandy
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Glad you found this site Mark. There's a ton of wisdom here so you will get lots of help. I first came here in 2016 and this group has been great....I would have been lost without it. We will give you lots of support.

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You do  not give us a clue as to how old you are.  But I am sure you are much younger than me.  I beat it at age 77 and have been NED (no evedence of disease) for 11 years.  So you can too!!!  Good luck!

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I too am sorry that you are here but glad you found this fourm. 


Good luck and take care


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