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Scan Time

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Bay Area Guy
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Well, I'm at the four year mark from surgery.  I have a video appointment with the Physician's assistant in two weeks.  My CT is on Wednesday.  This past Tuesday, I had a blood test and a chest x-ray.  The chest x-ray was clean.  I scored a 1.02 on creatinine and 73 on eGFR, which is right in line with last year.  My blood sugar was a little higher than usual, but I had a tart the night before and, to be honest, my wife has been baking goodies throughout the shelter in place.....and she's a damn good cook/baker.  So I've probably been overindulging on the sweet stuff and white flour.  That came to a screeching halt the day I got the test results.  LOL.

My tests aren't at a satellite clinic at Stanford, so no hospital campus visit is needed.  I was the first patient for the x-ray and the first patient for the lab tech I got.  Masks and sanitizers were the dress for the day and when I got home, showered.

Unlike previous years, the anxiety is about the facility and little to none about the scans.  Amazing how one's outlook can change in a year.

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You've got this! 


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Best wishes.  Congrats on 4 years!

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Great that chest x-ray was clean! CT will definitely be clean as well :-) I always worry about chect much more, because lungs are usually the most frequent place for mets/recurrence. Local recurrence is veery unlikely, so husband's abdominal scans don't worry me. You'll be fine!

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Bay Area Guy
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while I always dread the scans, I also look forward to them.  Both my dad and his dad had issues with their aortas, and I've had past issues with intestinal twisting (and let me tell you, THAT is painful).  The scans check out the entire abdominal region, so I get an annual report on anything happening there.

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